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                                                    Real customers giving their honest opinions.

I absolutely love the Detox Tea! At times i feel bloated and a cup of tea will lighten my tummy. As for weightloss, I haven't seen any results as yet but I  believe it's because i was not drinking the tea consistently.

Julie smith

"I've tried several products and found the strawberry detox tea to be the best."

Julie Cooper

I recommend Jans's Slimming tea to all my friends. With a consistent diet and drinking the tea daily for 14 days I was able to lose the weight I gained over the winter.

Mike Johnson

I recommend trying the Detox Tea. "Great product, great service, what more can I say?"

Aaron Smith

I tried the Stamina Coffee and could not keep my hands off my wife. Really good product and its 100% natural.

Pablo Dominguez

I love the Stamina Coffee and I love that it's Instant coffee.


My wife and I was actively trying to get pregnant. I ordered the womb detox tea for my wife, and I got the Fertility Tea for myself. Interestingly the contents in the sachets are all edible and I am amazed that it's all natural. After consistently taking the fertility tea for two consecutive months and my wife taking the womb detox tea our dreams finally came through. My wife is pregnant, and we are estatic. Thank you, Jan's Slimming Tea.

Sabrina White

Thanks to Jan's Slimming Tea I was able to reignite the flame with my Husband. I ordered the Adam and Eve love Tea for my husband and myself. I wish i could give this product a million stars.